Valuation services

Valuation of motor vehicles

Determination of the market value of passenger carriers, cars, commercial vehicles, buses, motor homes/caravans, motorcycles, lorries, special designation automobiles and railway vehicles.

Valuation of movable property

Valuation of miscellaneous movable property includes: household and office goods (household appliances, furniture, etc.) and valuation of any other movable property.

Calculation of incurred damages

Our company experts have great experience in the field of valuation of various assets and calculation of damages and are ready to provide professional services and information.

Valuation of agricultural, forestry, construction and industrial machinery

Determination of the value of any such mechanism, machinery or equipment.

Valuation of inland waterway boats and vessels

Determination of value of any type of self-propelled or non-self-propelled passenger, cargo and technical (service, research, maintenance, etc.) vessel as well as ferry (passenger, cargo, mixed), which is or may be used for inland waterway navigation.

Measurement of car body paint thickness (quality)

With the help of the professional and metrologically tested Car Check System PLUS body coating thickness measuring equipment, we can reliably determine whether the car body has been repainted, repaired and whether it was done properly.

Retrospective (backdated) property valuation

Do you need to determine the value of your property in the past? From the photos you provide we can estimate the retrospective value of your property.


We cooperate with car body repair shops and transport companies, provide consultations on car body restoration (repair) costs calculation and submission to insurance companies in an accepted form