Measurement of car body paint thickness (quality)

Car body is the most visible and at the same time the most vulnerable element of the car, covering all the remaining mechanical structures. This is an expensive and important part of the vehicle, the condition of which has a particularly significant impact on the value of the car.

Measuring the thickness of the body surface should be one of the first checks to be made when purchasing a second-hand car and may help to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future due to poor body repair or painting.

With the help of the professional and metrologically tested Car Check System PLUS body coating thickness measuring equipment, we can reliably determine whether the car body has been repainted, repaired and whether it was done properly. Measurements are made on all types of metal surfaces up to 5 mm (5000 μm) paint thickness.

Most car manufacturers have a factory body surface thickness of 70-170 microns for exterior parts and 50-100 microns for interior surfaces (doors, struts, and painted surfaces in the engine compartment and trunk).

 The results of the measurements may be given in a written expert report accompanied by a printed record of the measuring device.