What should you do in case of road traffic accident?

In case of an accident we advise you to stop and always take a photo (e.g. on your smartphone) of the current situation at the accident site (of the road, intersection, damaged cars, car collision locations) without pulling your car from the scene. Then agree with the other participant on the circumstances of the accident. Having taken the photo of the scene and agreed on the circumstances and the fault, you may pull the vehicles to the side of the road (if it’s possible to do so and if the cars obstruct the traffic). If you cannot agree with another party on the circumstances of the accident, you must summon the police officers to the scene of the accident. Therefore, it is very important not to move the cars from the scene until you have agreed about the circumstances of the accident. We note that it is necessary to call the police when there are people injured or other property damaged (a parked car, pole, fence, etc.) during the traffic accident, or one of the participants (drivers) in the traffic accident is intoxicated. Only if you have agreed on the circumstances of the accident and whose fault it was, you can start filling in the Traffic Accident Declaration (TAD).

How to fill in the Traffic Accident Declaration?

Our practice shows that, in the event of a traffic accident, because of being in a state of stress, participants of a traffic accident may complete the TAD incorrectly. It is usual for the people first time involved in a traffic accident not to know how to fill out this form and record the fact and the circumstances of the accident correctly. The back side of each TAD sheet provides tips on how to complete a TAD. We would like to draw your attention to some of the most common mistakes that affect the administration of your claim. It is very important to specify:


  • Date and time of the accident (Item 1);
  • Location of the accident (Item 2);
  • Vehicle model and license plate number (Item 7);
  • Vehicle insurance company and insurance certificate number (Item 8);
  • Driver’s name, surname and driver’s license number (Item 9).


It is also very important to fill out items 10, 11, 15 of the TAD correctly, because the amount of your compensable losses depends on the complete and correct entering of these items. We advise you to carefully fill in Item 10 for car collision locations (be sure to draw the road or place where the car accident took place, draw vehicles at the moment of collision and use arrows to indicate the direction of travel just before the collision and list all identified damaged parts in Item 11. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that information in Item 12 Circumstances and your signature in Item 15 ascertain whether you are the injured or the guilty party in this traffic accident. Since insurance companies share responsibility based on the circumstances of the accident, an incorrectly completed Item 12 may lead insurance companies to decide that you are not the aggrieved but the guilty party instead, or to divide the responsibility for the accident equally. In this case, the insurer will indemnify you only for half of the losses incurred. In Item 14, the confirmation of the participant of the traffic accident that they are liable for the damage caused does not mean much if the circumstances in Item 12, confirmed by the signatures in Item 15, are determined differently in accordance with the Road Traffic Rules. We also advise you to contact the police, your insurance broker, solicitor or qualified vehicle assessor by telephone if you are unable to complete the TAD due to being in stress. Increased diligence in completing the TAD will help you to avoid unnecessary disputes regarding the identification of the guilty party of the traffic accident and the calculation of the amount of your losses and indemnification in the process.

We would like to remind you that the guilty party in the accident must report the accident to their insurance company within 3 working days, and the aggrieved party must apply to the relevant insurer for compensation within 5 working days.

We wish you not to get into any of the traffic accidents. If such an unpleasant event takes place in your life and you might need our services, we are always there to help you.